Education In Glangevlin

In the 1820’s there was one school in Glangevlin. According to school records, the school manager – Fr. Patrick Corr applied for a grant of £3 per half year for the maintenance of the school, with a roll of 40 boys and 10 girls.

During the Famine, the population of Glangevlin did not decrease very much as the failure of the potato crop was slight and many people did not emigrate from the area. Also the neighbouring Fermanagh farmers had a good yield and shared their potatoes with their West Cavan neighbours.

In 1851 there were 226 pupils in Glan schools – Derrynananta, Legnatrachta, Tullynacleigh and Golagh (founded in 1831). By 1888, the Rev. Thomas Corr (Parish Priest) replaced these old schools by building new ones in Tullycassan, Derrynananta, Curratavy and Carrick.

Curravagh School, pictured above, replaced the old school in Carrick in 1933. This school remains as the only national school in the parish of Glangevlin to the present day.

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