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The McGovern Clan in St. Mogue’s Vocational School, Bawnboy

The following article was taken from the Cavan newspaper at that time, the Cavan Leader, in the edition published on Friday 20th January 1989.

West Cavan is McGovern territory and it is only to be expected that there are more McGovern’s in Bawnboy Vocational School than any other family name.
Indeed there are some 29 students with the surname which has it’s origins in the 1100’s. McGovern was one of the leading families in this area and were allied to both the Maguires and O’Rourkes. The Book of the Magaurens (a form of McGovern) is one of the most famous old Gaelic Manuscripts.

McGoverns In Bawnboy School
McGoverns In Bawnboy School

In our photo are:

Front Row: (left to right) Catriona, Corlough; Theresa, Swanlinbar; Olivia, Glangevlin; Ann, Swanlinbar; Martina, Corlough; Bridie, Corlough; Aisling, Swanlinbar; Martina, Swanlinbar; Claire, Glangevlin; and Noreen, Glangevlin.

Middle Row: (left to right) Theresa, Corlough; Mary, Corlough; Ann Marie, Corlough; Michael, Garadice; Matt, Glangevlin; Martin, Ballyconnell; Joan, Glangevlin; Maureen, Glangevlin; and Ann Marie, Corlough;

Back Row: (left to right) Francis, Glangevlin; David, Bawnboy; Sean, Bawnboy; Enda, Glangevlin; Brian, Bawnboy; John Martin, Glangevlin; Thomas, Corlough; Thomas, Ballyconnell; and PJ, Corlough.

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