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Around the Cuilcagh Mountains

DAN O’HARA …. Around The Cuilcagh Mountains

(Transcribed from the video ‘ Irish Requests & Country Favourites’ by Máiread Dolan, Curravagh)

Around the Cuilcagh Mountains
There’s a rugged, lovely spot
It stands in County Cavan
Beside the Shannon Pot
There’s Glan, the Barrs, Blacklion
Going down the auld long braes
Where I rode my old black bicycle
For fifteen bob a day

I once was down in Texas
In a town called Sannintone
I met a man McGovern
I said you’re far from home
I said my name’s Maguire
And my first name it is Dan
And if you are McGovern
Then you surely come from Glan

Around the Mountains of the Barrs
I saw my first TV
In good old Barney Carson’s
Where I watched it wondrously
With Kathleen and the family
Sure they made me feel at home
Around the Cuilcagh Mountains where
I once had a home

Now I’m standing in Manhattan
With only three days more
When once again I’ll step upon
Old Erin’s shore once more
Then I’ll make a final promise
That I never more will roam
From Around the Cuilcagh Mountains where
I once had a home
The Cuilcagh Mountains once again
Will be my Home Sweet Home

Dan O'Hara
Dan O’Hara


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