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Ballinaglera and Glan

‘Ballinaglera and Glan’ – Composed at the request of Peter S. Clancy B.A.
( who taught in Tullycasson National School from 1922 to 1927, for a concert in Glan.

It is sang to the air of “The men of the West”.

We are proud of the deeds of our fathers
Who are lying at rest in their clay,
They left us full farms and homesteads,
The evictors they drove them away.
The tyrants they made them go easy,
Subduing the crow bar and can,
Because there was plenty of courage,
In Ballinaglera and Glan.

Hurrah for the boys of old ‘Glera
Three cheers for each jolly Glan man
Who never knew yet what defeat was
In Ballinaglera and Glan

Our mountains gave birth to the Shannon
Which down through it’s valleys does plough
It spreads out white waves on Lough Allen
And washes old ‘Glera’s fair Brow.
But better than waves are the records
Left down by each woman and man
As they dashed through the “Gap” out to Whitesides
From Ballinaglera and Glan.


On the sunny side of Sliabh an Iarainn
There’s a very big stone on the pass
It’s name to this day Clock a’tSagairt
Where the holy priests often said mass
And up from the side of that mountain
Our forefathers manfully ran
And we’d walk in their footsteps tomorrows
In Ballinaglera and Glan.’


And now we bid you good morning
Which ne’r brings a tear to our eye.
When we think of your Cead Mile Failte
We’ll remember the boys till we die.

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