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A small black and white collie roaming

The roads without an owner, abandoned.

She strayed into the field with my sheep

And lambs, resting wearily along the fence.

Unwanted and starving, most likely

Dumped from an unkind owner’s car.

Previous incidents of sheep worrying told

Me there was cause for concern.

I made a difficult decision to take my

Shotgun to the fields, creeping along to within

easy range of the dumb animal.

She was sitting gazing at the sheep

Apparently regarding them as friends.

I loaded the gun.

She sensed my presence then spotted me in

The grass, wagging her tail weakly.

No obvious inclination to try and escape.

I hesitated as she looked longingly

Towards me, obviously bereft of friendship.

I approached, patting her on the head.

Shy, thin and trembling with hunger,

She licked my hand in the forlorn hope

That maybe she had got a friend.

I took her home, provided a bed of straw,

Milk and food.

She slept fitfully for a lengthy period.

I could hear her dreaming uneasily in her sleep.

She accompanied me on my rounds,

Observing intently whether mountain, hill or vale.

As I rounded up sheep she enthusiastically

Decided she could do the job.

It gave her the sense of well-being that

She was wanted.

She was happy then. As if she knew that

her chance of life had come from a

Friendly gesture.

A defining moment in the cycle of life.

My family were intrigued by the strong

Lasting bond that existed between us.

They tempted her with tasty titbits and

Patted her reassuringly.

She showed gratitude but that was it.

Already spoken for and no amount of

Persuasion was likely to effect change.

Kess and I are moving towards the sunset.

I often recall how close I came to taking

A good innocent life.

For once natural justice applied.

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