Maguire’s Chair

Maguire’s Chair is the name given to a great rock formation along the road which leads from Bawnboy to Glangevlin. It is in the town land of Altachullion. There’s an old tradition about how it got it’s name as follows:

Once when there was a war on between the Magauran and Maguire Clans. Maguire marched with his men along the the mountains and called a halt at this place. The army had lunch there, the clansmen sitting on the rocks all around while the Maguire Chief sat on the large rock. Hence the name Maguire’s Chair.

Locally it is known as a wishing chair and it is said that if you sit on it on the last Sunday, (called ‘Bilberry Sunday’, ‘Garlic Sunday’ or ”Donagh Sunday’), in July and wish, it will come through.

Maguire's Chair
Maguire’s Chair
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