Sean Eamonn Ruari Walk

Written by Tommy Maguire

We started off at Glan Hall on a sunny August day

The call came from Mag Shamhrain and we were on our way

Some took McKiernan’s blackthorn cane

Some took along their ponchos in case the day would rain

We stopped up on the hilltop to rest some weary legs

The cattle in a nearby field were running from the clegs

Some people got acquainted, some old stories were told

A young man in the crowd asked about fitzpatricks gold

Around at Mickey Fogie’s we made a sudden right

To view the old sweathouse that we heard so much about

Then down by Dean the Weavers we passed the crooked wall

You could hear the sound, though distant, of Roger’s waterfall

Some folks were there from Canada some came from New York

A couple in the background said they came from County Cork

They sat around the table some leaned upon the wall

A lively song by Johnny Mac was the first call

A song was sung by Johnny and one by Peter too

Then the young McManus brothers played a reel or two

A reading all in Gaelic by Jim Nolan from the Black

The Curratavey School folk were enjoying all the craic

The cameras were shooting the videos were on

Then the young and old joined in a lovely Irish song

They viewed across the mountains and the valley down below

It was a pleasant evening in the hills of Legnagrow

Up stepped Tomas Mag Shamhrain to explain what was going on

He told them of the healing powers of a man they called Phil John

Then Margaret Dowd addressed the crowd and thanked the folk that came

But seventy two walkers were too numerous to name

At five o’clock a phone did ring and it was time to go

Ludge Rua’s bus was waiting on Shannon’s land below

As we passed by Mulla Rua some wild sheep ran around

And the folks were all ready to get back into town

Although the day was over fond memories will stay

About a pleasant walk around the Sean Eamonn Ruari Way

Poem written by Tommy Maguire August 2006 about the Curratavey School Walk on the Sean Eamonn Ruari Way

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