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St Felim’s Church, Gowlan

The large population in Gowlan always had to walk the long distance, up to eight miles for some, to come to worship in the Church in Killinagh. They walked down the nearest way they could find along pathways that became known as Mass passes.

When they got a new central national school in Gowlan in 1933, the community got the idea that they should look for a church for themselves.

They first set out to build a church themselves, but this did not work out. Eventually the church was completed in 1941 when Terence Brady was curate, and it was dedicated to St. Felim.

It was renovated in 1991 and rededicated on 7th April of that year. The outside lights can be seen over a wide area. The community are very loyal to their church and keep it very beautiful.

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