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St. Patrick’s Church, Glangevlin

The first church was built on a hill in Garvolt. It was replaced by a thatched building erected in 1796 inside the present church gates. In the 1850’s the church was very much in need of repair and much too small to accommodate the rising population of that time. From parish records we can see that over 60 baptisms and 30 marriages took place in Glangevlin in 1872.

In 1856 Fr. Hugh Magauran built a new church and erected the famous bell used during evictions. The old church was used as a parochial house. In 1978 the church was in need of essential maintenance and a new tiled roof replaced the old slated one. In addition an extension and porch were added to the church structure. The old magnificent alter,adorned with the apostles, was moved forward to allow the priest to face the congregation. The original bell tower was situated along side the church. It was rededicated on the 6th August 1978. Recently the tower was relocated to the rear of the church.

Loughlin House Prison Chapel was built by the White Fathers when they established it as a Seminary in the 1950’s.

St. Patrick's Church, Glangevlin
St. Patrick’s Church, Glangevlin

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