The Green Fields Of Glan

There are many bright spots in this green land of ours
Where nature has robes in its brightest of flowers
There are many fair scenes where the eye never tires
But gazes with rapture and fondly admires
Bright glimpses of mountains and dingle and dell
As if it were meant for the angels to dwell
But the brightest and fairest for angel or man
Are Erins fair hills and the “Green Fields of Glan”

Dear Glan it is long since I gazed with delight
On your green sunny fields and your streams sparkling bright
Famed is the Shannon and stoney Owenmor
That emerge from the vale of Glangevlin asthore
And simple and bold are the peasants that dwell
And many and old are the legends they tell
How the landlords, the grabber and Sassana ran
Pursed by the Gaels from the ‘Green Fields of Glan’

For the home and the friends that trough childhood were mine
And oft times I wish I was back there once more
In that beautiful spot called Glangevlin asthore
Your hills and green fields never more shall I see
Yet my heart with affection ever turns to thee
And yet in my visions bright glimpses I scan
Bright glimpses of Heaven and the ‘Green Fields of Glan’.

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